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借助 Latexdiff 实现 LaTex 修订功能(Track Changes)

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最近老王需要修改一篇文章,编辑要求将修改的部分加上“Track Changes”,方便审稿人查看修订的部分,网上查了下,可以通过 Latexdiff 这个工具实现 LaTex 修订,自动标注修改的部分,本文分享下使用方法。

一、Latexdiff 安装方法

本文的安装环境是 Ubuntu 18.04,直接在软件源安装即可:

sudo apt install latexdiff

如果你是 Windows,可以按照下面的步骤安装:

  1. 安装 Perl:https://www.perl.org/get.html
  2. 从 CTAN 安装 latexdiff:https://ctan.org/tex-archive/support/latexdiff
  3. 解压 latexdiff,并复制到 Perl > bin 目录下
  4. 使用 latexdiff

如果你是 Mac,可以安装下面的步骤安装:

  1. Mac 自带 Perl,直接去 CTAN 安装 latexdiff 即可:https://ctan.org/tex-archive/support/latexdiff

二、Latexdiff 使用教程

latexdiff 是直接操作 .tex 文件的,例如你有原始的 .tex(draft.tex)和修改后的 .tex(revison.tex),可以生成一个 diff.tex:

latexdiff draft.tex revision.tex > diff.tex

之后直接 copy 一个项目(老王是基于 overleaf 的),用 diff.tex 里的内容替换你的 .tex 文件内容就行了,样式不会变化,就是会在改动的地方加上标注,如下图:

Latexdiff 使用教程

一些 latexdiff 常用的选项:

  • UNDERLINE—added text is wavy-underlined and blue, discarded text is struck out and red;
  • CTRADITIONAL—added text is blue and set in sans-serif, and a red footnote is created for each discarded piece of text;
  • TRADITIONAL—like CTRADITIONAL but without the use of colour;
  • CFONT—added text is blue and set in sans-serif, and discarded text is red and very small size;
  • FONTSTRIKE—added text is set in sans-serif, discarded text small and struck out;
  • CHANGEBAR—added text is blue, and discarded text is red. Additionally, the changed text is marked with a bar in the margin.


  • https://www.overleaf.com/learn/latex/Articles/Using_Latexdiff_For_Marking_Changes_To_Tex_Documents
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